Gift Voucher Regulations


Regulations for gift vouchers in the online store

I. Definitions

Regulation: This document specifies the rules for the use of gift vouchers in the online store:, operated by Maria Owczarek, Strażacka 81a, 43-382 Bielsko-Biała, Poland, Tax ID: PL9372425261.

Gift Voucher: A voucher in the form of a code generated by the store in either paper or electronic form with a specified nominal value, issued to the bearer, entitling the user to redeem it in the online store

Purchaser: The person who acquires a gift voucher from the issuer in exchange for monetary funds.

User: The purchaser or any occasional holder of a gift voucher.

Code: A unique code assigned to each voucher, necessary for order redemption considering the value of the gift voucher.

Goods: Items offered for sale in the online store

II. General Terms

The issuer commits to issue a gift voucher to the purchaser and to accept payments made using the gift voucher for goods purchased by the user.

The purchaser commits to transfer monetary funds to the issuer in the amount equal to the nominal value of the gift voucher. Payment for the gift voucher purchased in the online store can be made through the payment methods specified in the store's regulations under §6. Payment Methods.

The gift voucher can only be used once to purchase goods in the online store

The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash, either in full or in part, and cannot be returned to the issuer.

The issuer is not responsible for the unauthorized sharing of the gift voucher by the purchaser/user.

Neither the purchaser nor the user have any claims against the issuer for loss (including theft) or damage to the gift voucher after its transfer.

The gift voucher is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of payment for the voucher is registered in the issuer's bank account.

The gift voucher does not cover the shipping costs of purchased goods, which the user is required to pay when placing an order (applies to the paper version of the voucher).

Gift vouchers are available starting from the amount of 50 GBP and its multiples.

III. Rules for Using the Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers in paper or electronic form can be purchased on the website Each gift voucher contains an individual code necessary for order redemption, taking into account the value of the gift voucher and its expiration date.

If the value of the goods purchased by the user using the gift voucher exceeds the value stated on the voucher, the user is obligated to pay the difference using the payment methods listed in the store's regulations.

The issuer reserves the right to refuse the redemption of goods using the gift voucher if its expiration date has passed.

To use the voucher as a payment, you must:

Select the "I have a discount code" option in the shopping cart.
Enter the voucher code in the window that appears.
Confirm the transaction by clicking the "Use" button.
IV. Settlements and Complaints

Issuing a gift voucher to the user constitutes a taxable sale in accordance with the relevant tax laws. The user will receive a VAT invoice from the issuer upon issuing the gift voucher.

All returns, exchanges, and complaints related to the purchase of goods using the gift voucher will be handled by the issuer following the procedure described on the website

When using the voucher, you can purchase any products available in the Store's offer, with the following conditions:

The voucher covers products with a total value not exceeding the value specified on the voucher.
In the case of an order exceeding the value of the voucher used for that order, the remaining difference must be paid in cash using the payment methods outlined in the Store's regulations.
V. Final Provisions

The purchaser/user, upon receiving the gift voucher, declares that they have read the contents of these regulations, fully accept its terms, and commit to adhere to its provisions.

The gift voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

Issuing a gift voucher constitutes a taxable sale under the value-added tax (VAT) regulations in accordance with applicable tax laws.

According to applicable tax laws, the gift voucher is not an electronic payment instrument nor an electronic payment card. The gift voucher is an electronic/paper form of a merchandise voucher.

The content of these regulations is available on the website

Matters not regulated by these regulations are subject to the applicable legal provisions.

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